Super Fan Fundraising.  40% Profit featuring TERVIS cups

NFL, MLB, Collegiate, Armed Forces, NFL Pink officially licensed designs.  Durable, dishwasher safe.  Made in the USA and BPA-free.  Everyone has a favorite team. Free shipping, Orders packed by student for easy distribution. 

fundraisers for groups of all sizes and ages


"We made more money that we needed!  We reordered 3 times" - Lubbock

"We increased our order this year. The community is already asking about the Chocolate." - Midland

"The packing of our Cherrydale Farms Catalog orders was awesome.  We had no trouble with errors or the quality of the products.  We will do it again." - Lubbock

"The students and parents love the chocolate.  Many parents sold World's Finest when they were in school. WFC still sells the best!" - Odessa

"We are going to sell twice a year.  The chocolate never goes out style!" - San Angelo

"Our Band had the best trip ever!" - Midland

"Larry and Paige are always accessible to answer questions. Larry is always close by if I need something." - Amarillo

"Yankee Candles smell so good and we love the year round Online Profit Checks we get" - Wichita Falls

First Aid Kits fundraisers - Order Taker catalog or Direct Sale Kits with a free backpack - 50% Profit

Smencils, Smens scented pencils fundraiser Texas

​​​​​​​GSG West Texas Fundraising is locally owned by Larry & Paige Jost.  We have over 20 years of experience in school fundraising, school supply packs and holiday fair Santa shops.  

Our goal is provide the Best Products for fundraising for all ages while giving our customers and parents the best service and experience.

We want your business and we will always try our best to keep it.

We are dedicated to West Texas and are the Exclusive Factory Direct Representatives for World's Finest Chocolate, Yankee Candle Fundraising, Super Fan Tervis Cups, Jack Links Beef Jerky, Smencils, and more.

Trust your fundraisers to the brands you know.  Many times you only have one chance to make the money needed for your organization.  Our fundraisers include the most well known and popular products to meet your goals.

Our fundraisers make the most money, in the least amount of time with the least amount of work for the sponsor all while keeping the goodwill of the community.

  • ​Local Factory Services include:
  • Highest Profit for your organization - 50% + Profit to you
  • Free freight and Fast delivery to get started quickly
  • Student motivation and incentive programs
  • Fundraiser program “kickoff” student assembly
  • Highest participation with our proven program
  • Return unsold products for credit
  • Sales materials and permission letters provided free 
  • 30 day credit terms upon approval
  • High value coupons free to increase sales
  • No risk
  • Personal Service
  • Community Goodwill
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

My Holiday Fair in school holiday shop sale.  Just Pop the Top and Shop.  Easy set up.  No risk, only pay for what you sell.  Kids and Parents love it.

Jack Links Beef Jerky.  50% Profit - Famous products—SMART SNACK COMPLIANT! $1.00 in hand sales. Approved to sell in school.  

High profit fundraisers for all groups

Factory Direct Reps Serving West Texas

Yankee Candle Fundraising.  40% Profit - America’s Best Loved Candle.

Trusted non food alternative.  Quality, well known products.  Prices the same as in stores.  Year long online sales profit program.  Fall & Spring products. 

Scratch n Sniff Catalogs.  Orders packed by student for easy distribution.

NEW! Popcorn $2.00 Bags carry box, direct sale fundraiser.  Works like World's Finest Chocolate.  30 items in a easy to carry box, sell on the spot for 50% profit!

Fundraising works!

School Spirit and Promotional Items

World’s Finest Chocolate.  50% Profit- MOST POPULAR with Parents and Students.

Make the most amount of money, in the quickest amount of time, with the least amount of effort while keeping good will in the Community.  $1 & $2 in hand sales.

Local coupons.  Return unsold, unopened boxes for credit.  Order Takers available.

School Supply Packs custom made from your school's grade level list

Cookie Dough.  40% Profit - Fundraising success tastes sweet!  Well known, gourmet pre-portioned frozen cookie dough.   Unique flavors, reduced fat.  Free shipping, Orders packed by student. 

Smencils are scented pencils that are made from 100% recycled newspapers.  Each Smencil is a No.2 graphite pencil and is packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube that includes a collectible character top cap! 

There are 50 Smencils per bucket and 10 buckets per case.  Available in Classic Scents, Holiday, Sports, Peppermint (Smart), Halloween, Spring, Graduation, Valentines

​Smencils sell for: $1.00: Quantity per case: 500,  Cost per case: $275,  Profit per case: 45%

nuts about snacks west Texas fundraisers

$2.00 Pretzel Rods direct sale - 50% Profit

Spring Items, Wrapping paper and more  40% - 50% Profit

Wide variety of quality products in one “order taker super shopper” catalog, including gift wrap, kitchen, magazines, jewelry, chocolate, gift items and more. 

There is something for everyone!  Free shipping, Orders packed by student.