Popcorn Bags - Sell for $2.00 per item, make 50% Profit

One Carry Box contains 30 bags of popcorn

(10 Buttery Caramel, 10 Cheesy Cheddar, 10 Cheddar Jalapeno)

Carry Box cost $30.00, sell for $60.00 = $30.00 PROFIT PER SELLER

In our straight forward Poppin Pack Fundraising program, you simply purchase a case or cases, have your participants sell and collect the profits. Our Premium Variety pack includes three of our house favorites: Buttery Caramel, Cheesy Cheddar and Cheddar Jalapeno. Each carrier contains 10 of each flavor. It’s the perfect combination with something to please everyone.

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poppin pack popcorn pack