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500 Smencils per master case, 10 tubs of 50 Smencils. 5 Scents per Tub.

  Price $300.00, Sell for $500.00  (make 40% profit)

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Fundraising with Smencils

​​Smencils are scented pencils that are made from 100% recycled newspapers.

Each Smencil is a No.2 graphite pencil and is packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube that includes a collectible character top cap!

There are 50 Smencils per bucket and 10 buckets per case.

​Smencils sell for: $1.00 each
Smencils per case: 500
"Classic Scents" Cost per case: $300
Profit per case: 40%

Available in Classic Scents, Holiday, Sports, Peppermint (Smart), Halloween, Spring, Graduation, Valentines, Licensed items

Other scented items: Smens, Smickers, Backpack Buddies, Gel Crayons, Jumbo Smarkers, Erasers, Keychains, pouches