At World’s Finest® Chocolate and GSG Fundraising, we pride ourselves in providing the easiest fundraising program in the shortest amount of time for groups in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, Wichita Falls, Abilene and all across West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. 

Our dedication to the art of fine chocolate making has resulted in the sale of over 6 billion chocolate bars, and helped organizations raise over $3 billion. We know how important these dollars are to your schools, athletic teams, service organizations, charitable causes and not-for-profit groups, which is why we make the fundraising process so easy and convenient.

Services and Details:

  • 50%+ profit to the group on World's Finest Chocolate
  • Personal attention and consultation
  • All fundraiser supplies and materials provided free
  • Parent Permission Letters provided
  • Student assembly to help increase sales and relay safety information
  • Free and FAST delivery, start your fundraiser quickly
  • 30 day credit terms for accredited schools
  • Non school customers can pay with cash, check or credit card
  • High value coupons on every chocolate bar
  • Free personalized label on each bar (100 box minimum order)
  • No Risk - return unsold, unopened, non personalized boxes for full credit
  • USDA approved products
  • Student and teacher incentives and prizes provided
  • Small orders available for PICK UP in New Deal (Lubbock)
  • Much more, call for information or make an appointment!

Our hands-on professionals at GSG Fundraising and World’s Finest® Chocolate will partner with you to ensure fundraising success for your group. They help you determine the right product, quantity, timing, and incentives to reach your goals. We are passionate about fundraising and are determined to set you up for success. This is one of the main benefits that set World’s Finest® Chocolate apart from other fundraisers. We give you the personalized service you need to guarantee success. 

The delicious premium quality of our chocolate products also makes the selling process easy. Your friends and family will beg you to continue your fundraiser because they can’t get enough of our delicious chocolate. From the bright carrying case to the highly-desirable reputation of our brand, the chocolate practically sells itself! Our fundraisers are done within just two weeks and unlike any other time-consuming fundraising options, you don’t need to recruit a large number of volunteers!


After over 70 years in business, World’s Finest® Chocolate knows that when it comes to fundraising, one size does not fit all. For this purpose, we offer a variety of ways that you can tailor a campaign to fit your specific needs. World’s Finest® Chocolate offers $1, $2, and higher priced fundraising programs to allow you to find the best fit for your organization and community. Even if you are working with dietary restrictions like gluten free or peanut free, there’s a chocolate treat for everyone to enjoy.

In addition, you can even personalize the fundraiser with your group’s name, photo, logo, and fundraising message, free of charge. With all these great benefits, it’s easy to see why GSG Fundraising and World’s Finest® Chocolate is the best choice for your next fundraiser!


Since 1949, people have come to rely on our $1 bar as their primary way to fund raise. We still offer this option today, and it is as popular as ever! Here are some benefits of our $1 bars:

  • Everyone has $1. Your supporters are happy to purchase a fundraiser for this reasonable price.
  • Up to 50% profit on all $1 products sold*.
  • They’re as good as you remember. Not only are our $1 bars affordable, but they’re also a premium quality chocolate, so you’re getting a great value.
  • Assorted flavors for all tastes.
  • You can’t find them in stores. Our $1 fundraising bars can’t be found in retail stores like some of the other brands out there, so your supporters know they are getting something special.
  • There’s always a reason to buy more. Unlike wrapping paper and other household goods you can purchase through fundraisers, our $1 bars will not sit around your supporter’s house, unused. They’re so delicious that people will consume them right away and have a reason to buy more from you!
  • FREE 1 year membership to coupons and discounts website.

Five chocolate bar flavors in a convenient variety pack. A perfect fundraiser for schools or sports teams. Our most popular fundraiser!

This fundraising product contains 60 chocolate bars, sold for $1 each:

12 - Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bars, 1.5 oz.
  6 - Dark Chocolate Bars, 1.5 oz.
12 - W.F. Crisp® Bars, 1.35 oz.
12 - Milk Chocolate Bars, 1.5 oz.
18 - Caramel Bars, 1.5 oz.

This item has an 8 case minimium order size.


While most people are familiar with World’s Finest(R) Chocolate’s $1 bar fundraisers, we also offer a great assortment of fundraisers for $2 as well. Our $2 bars are larger than our $1 bars, and come in the same best-selling flavors. In addition, we have delicious chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered raisins, mints, and boxed caramels available for $2. There’s something for everyone!

Benefits of our $2 fundraising products:

  • Sell less product and make the same amount of money. Sell half as many products, as compared to our $1 bars, and make the same amount of profit. You’ll still earn up to 50% profit* on all $2 items sold.
  • Greater variety of chocolate flavors. In addition to our popular chocolate bars, we also have boxed chocolates available.
  • Excellent value. Our $2 products are made of premium quality chocolate, and are sized appropriately so you get maximum value for your purchase.
  • There’s always a reason to buy more. Unlike wrapping paper and other household goods you can purchase through fundraisers, our $1 bars will not sit around your supporter’s house, unused. They’re so delicious that people will consume them right away and have a reason to buy more from you!
  • FREE 1 year membership to coupons and discounts website.

A delicious assortment of our most popular fundraising chocolates.

This fundraising case contains 30 items, sold for $2 each:

6 - Milk Chocolate with Almond Bars, 2.75 oz.
3 - W.F. Crisp® Bars, 2.50 oz.
3 - Milk Chocolate Bars, 2.75 oz.
3 - Mint Meltaways®, 2.75 oz.

12 - Continental® Almonds, 2.65 oz.
3 - Caramel Whirls®, 2.75 oz.

This item has an 8 case minimum order size.

Every box and every chocolate bar includes a FREE 1 year membership.  Check the Incredible value and savings you will find in your community when you buy or sell World's Finest Chocolate!

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