High profit fundraisers for all groups

Factory Direct Reps Serving West Texas

Silly String a Teacher or Principal!

student Incentives work!

DJ Dance Party

DJ Dance Glow in the Dark Party

Duct Tape a Teacher or Principal to a wall!

iPlay Video Game Theatre in the school

SPECIAL Signing BONUS  for "School Wide Fundraisers programs" -

We will give your school a Custom Printed 4' x 6' "DigiMat" floor mat for the front door on your school!

Yankee Candle Video Kick Off

Prizes and incentives

Hamster Balls & Inflatable Games

 Fundraiser Reward Party

5 Pound Chocolate Bar from World's Finest Chocolate

Ice Cream Party at school for the Top Sellers!

west texas fundraising student prize incentives

We provide exciting Items and events to motivate students and increase sales.  

Call us to create a custom program for your next fundraising campaign and make record setting profits and have Happy Students and Parents!

Limo Lunch to a local fun restaurant!

Signing Bonuses for your school - ask us how!